Message from the FA regarding Whole Game System


“Yesterday afternoon, during the season rollover process, we encountered a number of issues stopping us from going live on the 6th as scheduled.

The issues sit with integration between Whole Game System & the England Football Portals and we are still waiting for a number of processes to complete.

The impact on the network will be;
No access to England Football Portals or Whole Game System
Further reduced window for the National League System
Delay to affiliation & league sanctions

This decision has not been taken lightly. We want to avoid a repeat of last year and ensure the platforms are working as expected before going live.

We do not have a ‘go-live’ as of yet, but we hope to know more tomorrow.

We appreciate this is frustrating, but we hope you can understand the decision to protect the experience for you and the end user”


M Ablett 5/7/2022