Good afternoon to you all and l hope this finds you all safe and well. I thought l would just touch base with you and let you know where we are in respect of playing football. As you are well aware we are still in the same position as we have been since we entered Tier 4 towards the end of last year, and frustrating as it is, the League cannot offer any new information to yourselves on a restart.
What l can tell you is at the February Management Meeting we discussed the way forward and looked at a few options that might be possible to provide football to those wanting to play, nothing that we looked at of course will be put out to your clubs until the Government and/or the Football Association gives us the go ahead with a start date. At that time we will contact you again with various options that you might want to go with.
With the statement from the Prime Minister coming on Monday it might give us more information to go on, and hopefully at our March meeting we have much more to work with.
In finishing can l thank those clubs who responded to the email from Alan Sparkes last week and they will be taken into account when we are in a position to decide on what the future might be. If any other club wishes to contact Alan or add to previous comments then please email him. In the meantime please stay safe.


Keith Norton

Chairman 19th February 2021