Another three teams have withdrawn from the league in the last few days.
Ipswich Vale Exiles from the Senior Division, Ipswich Vale Exiles Reserves from Division Four and Old Newton United A from Division Six.
At this point in time the Senior Division will run with 15 teams and only 1 club will be relegated from that division at the end of the season. Division One will have 13 teams after losing Melton and Ufford United a few weeks ago. Divisions Two and Three remain with 14 teams. Division 4 will run with 13 teams, Division Five has 14 teams and Division 6 will have 13 teams when we start later this month.
Because of the withdrawals I will take another look at the early season fixtures and adjust as necessary to keep as many teams playing as I can. Any changes to fixtures should come to clubs via Full Time.
As far as closed dates go any requests for games in September need to be with me by 9pm on Friday August 12th. Games in August are now beyond the closed date rule. From October 1st we will be working rigidly to the 35 day rule. So please make your closed dates decisions as soon as possible

Alan Sparkes
SIL Fixture Secretary