There seems to be a growing trend in recent weeks of players, managers club officials and spectators feeling it perfectly acceptable to abuse match officials before, during and after matches.
If it does not stop there will be no football because there will be no referees. It is a club’s responsibility to ensure that their players, managers, and supporters behave in a responsible manner, this includes posting comments on social media following games.
Suffolk & Ipswich League is the lowest level of grassroots football, and it must be accepted that sadly referees will not be Premier League standard, they will make mistakes, but I would lay money on the fact that during the course of a game all players make far more mistakes than referees, the referee has a split second to make a decision, yes occasionally it will be the wrong decision, but players and managers have to accept that and get on with the game, no end of ranting and raving is going to change it. SIL football is not a matter of life or death, it is a recreational hobby for both referees and players alike. Yes, it is nice to win the league or cup, but not at the cost of losing referees.
Good old-fashioned sportsmanship has gone out of the window, teams have to accept that at times they are beaten by the better side on the day, hold their hand up and congratulate the opposition instead of berating match officials.
Clubs need to take action now before its too late, we as a league are short of officials as it is, and frankly I cant see it improving any time soon, as referee appointments officer for the league I would love to be able to appoint assistant referees to all senior division matches, but sadly that just isn’t possible, instead I have to juggle those available to get the best possible coverage.