Sadly we are still seeing clubs apply to have their games called off for Covid 19 reasons. Can clubs please follow the information below.

Could all Club Secretaries please tell their Managers of the procedures in place to call games off.


Additional Guidance for Macron SIL Clubs in connection with Covid – 19 Precautions.

Should a club feel that they are unable to fulfil a scheduled fixture because of player unavailability through covid – 19 concerns, as a

first step they must contact the SIL Covid Officer Keith Norton on 07907114450 stating their reasons.

As a general guide any request to postpone a scheduled fixture, must meet a minimum 3 player rule:

  1. A club with one team must have at least 3 players unavailable through Covid – 19
  2. If a club has more than one team, then the 3-player rule applies across the other sides too.

i.e. a club with two teams would need 6 players unavailable through Covid – 19, with three teams 9 players and so on, before a request to postpone both or all matches can be made.

A club with more than one team must always prioritise and fulfil its higher division team’s fixture. For example, if a club with two teams has 3 players unavailable through Covid, the 1st team fixture must be played and a request to postpone the 2nd team match made.

The SIL will treat sympathetically the request(s) to postpone the fixture(s), if the above conditions are met.

Please note that the above relates to Covid – 19 related issues only.

Any other requests to postpone a scheduled fixture fall under the normal SIL rules and procedures.

All postponed matches will be rescheduled, in line with SIL Rules.


Alan Sparkes

Macron SIL Fixture Secretary

11th August 2021