In the last few weeks the SIL has seen resignations from a number of teams through mainly a shortage of players signed on or players willing to play. The latest being Wortham who told us yesterday of their decision to leave the league.  Covid is also causing a number of postponements and it is hoped that after this weekend as we enter September that the situation will improve.

To help clubs during August a certain amount of goodwill has been shown where requested but we now feel that clubs should have their squads in place and not be wanting to call games off through shortage of players. So from next weekend if a club calls off a game through a shortage of players or other reasons then a fine and points deduction could be the decision the SIL will have to make.

As far as the Covid  situation with people having had two jabs, they will not need to isolate now and as more of the population get the second jabs hopefully postponements will reduce considerably in the weeks ahead. If clubs have any problems concerning Covid then you need to telephone the SIL Covid Officer Keith Norton to go through the process of seeing if you qualify to call a game off. Please only telephone Keith as text messages, emails and voicemails can be seen later when a decision needs to be made early to help other clubs, Referees and SIL officers dealing with the problem. Keith also has to look at information and speak to clubs about what is required so a phone call is the method clubs must use. Also the Suffolk FA website has up to date Covid information for clubs which is sent out by the English FA.

A number of clubs have not been able to use their pitches because of mainly cricket being played on shared venues. Again as we enter September this will improve and clubs will be able to see regular home games followed by away games. Early season has seen the need to juggle fixtures to help those not able to play at home to play away. Thanks to all clubs for your understanding and playing either more home or away games in this period.

As far as ground or facility problems looking ahead or clubs wanting a closed date. Please make sure you are within the 35 day rule and please make these decisions as early as you can.

For the Christmas period there will be no games on December 25th/26th/27th or January 1st/2nd/3rd unless clubs request a fixture.

The next set of fixtures from myself will be issued once i receive the Suffolk FA Cup draws hopefully in the next week or so.

As a group within the SIL family the League Officials, Referees, and everyone at all our clubs we must work together to help each other overcome any problems during this difficult time and understand that there are still problems in some areas that may not affect you but certainly does others. So please use a common sense approach to our games and organisation in the weeks and months ahead.

If you wish to talk about anything above please call me on 07719 204991



Alan Sparkes

Macron SIL Fixture Secretary

August 27th 2021