Following the questionnaire that was sent out ten days or so ago 71 teams have shown an interest to play friendly matches, 27 teams do not wish to be involved and 8 teams did not reply. Within those 71 around half wish to play midweek.

Following the SIL Management Committee meeting last Thursday it was agreed to bring our start date forward by one week to Saturday April 10th. So that date will now be the date of the first round of friendlies.

All rules the league will apply to these games will be announced alongside the first round of fixtures once the decision on null and voiding the season has been made and permission to proceed is given by Suffolk FA and the English FA.

One ruling which can be given in advance is to make clubs aware is that only players on your SIL list will only be eligible to partake in these games, no guest players are allowed. You can sign new players up until March 31st by new registration or by transfer.

If any club has any problems with the above or related question please contact me on 07719204991.


Stay safe


Alan Sparkes

Macron SIL Fixture Secretary

10th March 2021