At present I am putting fixtures that were postponed in October and November back into the seasons schedule. Hopefully by the end of next week I will be putting a complete list for the remainder of the season on Full Time.

In these difficult times I need information from clubs as soon as possible on a few questions before I can complete my schedules.

1 – Does your ground also host Cricket and what date can your last Saturday football game be played.

2 – If cricket is played on your ground can you still play evening games, and if yes which evenings.

3 – If your club would like a fixture on the afternoon of Easter Monday April 5th 2021 please let me know.

4 – Would your club consider having two of your teams at home games in April on your ground on the same Saturday. Kicking off at 1-30pm and 3-30pm or whatever times suit the club.

5 – Clubs who have closed dates in 2021 can you consider not having those dates as we have lost so much of the season so far. If you can change these dates please let me know. If there are any new requests please say so in the next few days rather than request later in the season.

It might be that in some cases that your club has no complications in what I have scheduled already. Leagues with fewer teams are naturally less problematic.

In these difficult times you may find you have two or three home or away games in row, because I am slotting fixtures back that have been postponed from earlier in the season and I am afraid it is unavoidable.

With trying to fit games in and have a full a programme each week some games in December have been altered, so please check on a regular basis on Full Time.

As you can imagine Covid 19 is causing havoc with football throughout the country and a good dialogue of co operation between ourselves will get this season hopefully completed. I will do my upmost to get every game played this season.

Please reply as soon as possible to pass on your answers to my questions.

If you have any other requests or concerns please contact me by email on or mobile on 07719204991.


Kind Regards


Alan Sparkes