A number of clubs have asked the question what are we going to do with fixtures once we get the go ahead to start especially if the start is delayed. To help all clubs understand before the AGM virtual meeting below is how I see things at this present time.
With all the uncertainty with the Covid 19 pandemic the SIL has a number of contingency ideas ready for when we get the go ahead to restart. Whatever transpires safety will be our uppermost decision at all times.
A large dose of common sense will be required from the SIL, the clubs, referees and all who attend games. Clubs need to try and plan what they need to do to be ready when the go ahead is given. Please read the FA guidelines on their website, which is updated as new measures are announced by the UK Government. This is to help with your planning before and once we get underway with matches.
If we are able to start in August/September/October then we may be able to get a full programme completed going into May or possibly June 2021. The FA have indicated if we start at the latter part of this period then Suffolk FA Cups and League Cups can be stood aside to allow league fixtures preference. We realise clubs need a friendly match or two to get themselves ready and up to speed.
If we start later than October it will probably mean a half season programme of fixtures are played instead of the full programme. This means playing all teams only once and the games will be balanced to give all teams matches against top or bottom rated sides, these will be spread equally home and away. This will mean seeding all teams, this will be done by last seasons points per game in order with promoted teams added to the bottom of the seeds. Where new clubs are in a division then they will be added alphabetically. Alongside the league games if space is available then we will try and run our league cups.
As you can appreciate this is complicated and to a certain extent is still work in progress and everyone has to work together to get the best outcome possible in a safe and sensible way.
If anybody need to speak to me about the above please call me on 07719 204491 which maybe better than trying to discuss it during the AGM.

Alan Sparkes