In today’s 29 games there were plenty of goals scored 125 in total with Henley Athletic hitting 9, Woolverstone United 8 and Thurston 7 leading the way. 13 games were won by the home side, 5 draws and 11 away victories. The feedback I have heard from a few games seems as though players were pleased to be playing football again and those watching enjoyed an afternoons entertainment on a cold spring afternoon.

Most of the games I understand went ahead without any problems but a few teething problems have come to light. To help overcome those same problems in the weeks ahead the following needs to be completed by all teams. If your the home team details need to be sent early to your opponents and match official/s. Team sheets are to given to the Referee prior to the game and the Referee will forward the sheets onto May Ablett. In the squad each team can name 16 players and all players must be signed on and be on the clubs list of players on Full Time. The Referees fee for all games is £30 and Assistants £20. the cost to be shared by both clubs in each game. After the game the home side is asked to text in the result of their game before 6pm (this includes Suffolk FA Cup games and if your away to a side outside our league can the result be texted to myself)

Please keep an eye on this website during the week as changes may have to be made if a club calls off.

As we have had no games for over 3 months and it is understandable that the odd mistake is made. But clubs needs to make sure that secretaries give the information sent to them is passed onto to their managers, as lack of communication within some clubs has been the problem behind some of today’s problems. All fixture details are sent to club secretaries and listed on this website.

Finally good luck to all SIL teams playing in next weeks Junior and Primary Cups.


Any problems please contact me on 07719 204991


Alan Sparkes

Macron SIL Fixture Secretary

April 10th 2021