Some clubs are NOT complying as they ought to with government instructions. Here are some of the concerns that we as a league have heard about and general good housekeeping that should be adopted.

NB No adult grass roots football is allowed at Tier 4.  If a player lives in Tier 4 he cannot play for his club which is in a lower Tier.

Clubs must make sure that dressing rooms are deep cleaned in between groups using them. It is unacceptable for one group to follow another into the facility without a deep clean being completed beforehand.

Clubs must make sure that every player does not go into the dressing room at the same time pre match, at halftime or at the end of a game. All team talks should be completed outside.

Clubs must make sure that spectators do not go into club dugouts during a game.

Clubs must make sure spectators do not enter dressing rooms at any time during a match.

Clubs must make sure substitutes, managers and physios in a dugout are socially distanced and be wearing a mask.

Clubs must make sure spectators in a group are wearing a mask. For other spectators it is not compulsory to wear masks but they should be socially distanced.

Clubs must make sure toilet facilities are available and kept in a safe condition throughout the time of the match.

Visiting clubs must respect the rules of the home club especially if they are slightly different from their own club’s rules on Covid. Each club adopts rules they feel safe with, and those views should be respected.

If a club flouts the rules then the SIL have the right to stop them having fixtures on health and safety grounds and will not be allowed to play until they are acting in a Covid safe manner,

Some clubs need to look at themselves and their methods to allay fears of others.

This infection is in our back yard, is a killer, and disrupts our work, our lifestyle and all aspects of daily living.

Let us help one another to enjoy our football and stay safe.

If in doubt on any matter of safety please seek out the home clubs Covid Officer for advice.

If you have any concerns about a club’s safety please report those concerns to the Macron SIL Covid Officer Keith Norton on or 07810 147650


December 22nd 2020