In recent weeks the league has lost a number of clubs/teams because of ongoing problems mainly player availability.

This has now become a very worrying problem and today Southwold Town became the eighth team to withdraw since the AGM in June.

If clubs are experiencing problems and are thinking of folding please can you speak to one of the officers of the league for help before making a final decision. If we can assist a club from having to take that final fatal step then we as league will certainly help any club that approach us.

So please let us try to assist you to see if we can avoid another withdrawl of a club/team.

You can contact any of the following officers:-

Chairman Keith Norton on

General Secretary Mary Ablett on

Vice Chairman Alan McDougall on

Assistant Secretary Linda Norton on

Fixture Secretary Alan Sparkes on

Referee Secretary Daryl Butcher on



Alan Sparkes

Macron SIL Fixture Secretary

15th September 2021