As we get ready to start another season it is time to check everything is in place as it should be with information and equipment within your club readily available.

Do you have the email addresses and phone numbers for all your opponents in your league so you can contact them with fixture details. Your opponents should send back an acknowledgement.
A list of emails and phone numbers for referees to also contact them with match details. Referees should acknowledge your messages.
And if you are the away side an acknowledgement of receiving details should be sent back as a reply to your opponents.
Please make sure all your opponents and referees get the details within the timescales set out by the league rules.

Are you ready to send the results in, please check all those who ring in have their details registered so they receive the initial message to reply back with the result. And make sure they are sent in as soon as possible after a match. If for any reason a game is held up let the results system know the problem and that a later result will be coming in. Two calls could save a fine. A delay through injury can soon see you well beyond the time the result should be sent in.

Please have a list of the league officials available for use in cases of where something goes wrong and you need to contact us for advice. We are all here to help.

Please make sure all the ground kit is checked over, match balls are fit for purpose, goal nets and corner flags available. Pitch marked out in good time for the game..

Most clubs will do all of the above without any problems, but to new secretaries and those helping who are also new to the Sil it may be a good idea to check your ready to avoid problems at kick off on Saturday afternoon.

A number of clubs last season had poor first aid kits and now is the time to check this most important part of your kit is fit for purpose. Some items in these kits have a shelf life and need to be checked. Tubes of cream dry out and everything else needs a look over. Water bottles need to be checked over to make sure they are hygienic to use. The days of a bucket of water and a sponge are not acceptable anymore.

Please enjoy your football and remember there is lots of details for clubs on the SIL website including postcodes of grounds, the rules of the league and most importantly phone numbers of club officials.

Alan Sparkes
SIL Fixture Secretary and 07719204991
15th August 2022