This week we have had confirmed three positive tests for players or players close family with Covid 19. The players were not from the same club. It is hoped that these will be the first and last but as we see the second wave hitting all areas of the UK, we need to be very vigilant in our approach to reporting the cases.

All players who have been in contact with someone testing positive will be contacted by the NHS track and trace system. If contact is made by the NHS they then themselves must self-isolate for 14 days and if symptoms appear they themselves should be tested. If not contacted by the NHS then they can continue as normal.

FIRST CALL TO MAKE. As for the football side, in the first case Keith Norton the Macron SIL Covid Officer needs to be informed and he will then go through a list of items that need to checked off, including who the player has been in contact with from within his own club, opposition personnel and Referees and indeed anyone from other clubs. Not forgetting any contact with Club Officials or spectators at the game. If contact has been made, then those people must self-isolate and seek a test.

SECONDARY CALLS TO BE MADE. Once this has been completed Keith Norton will then advise Mary Ablett as League Secretary, Alan Sparkes as Fixture Secretary and Daryl Butcher as Referees Secretary so Full Time can be updated and Referees taken off forthcoming fixtures. You will then be advised to contact your next opponents and Referees to cancel the game/s your team/s are involved in the next weekend if you have a fixture scheduled. If it is a Suffolk FA Cup game then Adrian Moye also needs to be made aware.

FOLLOW UP CALL TO MAKE. If after testing your player/s test comes back with a negative result then the games the second weekend after testing can be played, but Keith Norton must be made aware of the negative results before any confirmation of the fixture is sent out by clubs.

SUMMARY. In essence please make sure the Macron SIL Covid officer Keith Norton is aware of the situation before any matches are cancelled as one vital link could be missed, for example a Referee not being told he was involved in a game where a player subsequently has a positive result. It can be seen on the news every day what the consequences are and how quickly problems can cascade outwards so please follow the Macron SIL suggested guidelines.

If these guidelines are followed step by step it is felt everyone will be informed where necessary and we stand a better chance of having football within our communities in the weeks and months ahead.

It is advised that everyone should sign up for the NHS Test and Trace app as this week the situation has developed to a very worrying problem.

If a game is postponed and the above is followed there will be no need to submit a postponement form.


Macron SIL Officers 15-10-2020