The 2020-21 League Cups have been cancelled for this season.

In the past few days the Covid 19 situation within the league has seen over a dozen players have positive tests and therefore games have to be postponed. So far we have lost over twenty games in October. And with the situation seemingly getting worse the Officers of the Macron SIL have decided to call a halt to this seasons Cup competitions.

With a later start to the season, potential lost games through bad weather it was felt we need to concentrate on our league fixtures foremost. Suffolk FA Cup competitions are still going to be played.

The sponsors of the league cups are fully understanding of the situation which was a major consideration and Chairman Keith Norton spoke to them to explain our thoughts before the final decision was made at 6pm yesterday to call the Cups off for the season.

Today should have seen games in the first round of the Morrison Freight Cup, these games have been postponed and a large number of the teams losing cup games were given rearranged  league fixtures. In some cases fixtures could not be fixed but seven games will take place today. Thanks to every club who were contacted last evening for their cooperation in getting the games on for today, and thanks to the Referees for their help also.

We all know cancelling any competition is a decision that needs to thought hard and long about but the Officers feel it is best for the clubs so hopefully a full seasons league games can be completed. It is hoped clubs will be understanding of our decision.

Our best wishes go to the players who had positive tests and to their clubs. Get well soon and hopefully will be back playing very soon.

We have heard that some clubs are doing the bare minimum with Covid 19 requirements and we urge you all to double and redouble your checks to keep everyone safe. These past few days have been an eye opener to the consequences that can happen and everyone should take note.

Suffolk FA have the latest Covid 19 guidelines on their website for you all to read and apply and if you have any doubts contact them or our Covid Officer Keith Norton.


The Macron SIL Officers 17-10-2020